FE-10 Electronic Hot Wire Flow Switch / Flow Meter

■  Dual-purpose gas / liquid model, can be used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems
■  Can be used in water treatment
■  Cooling system of mechanical equipment
■  Cooling system of air conditioning equipment
■  Flow monitoring system
■  Motor idle protection
Product Details
  The measurement range of the sensor follows the principle of thermal measurement, which is based on the physical effect of heat absorption by the flow medium. The flow medium will cause the medium’s temperature to change due to sensor head cooling. The closed probe contains two resistors, one of the heated one serves as the detecting resistor and the other non-heated one serves as the reference resistor. When the medium flows, the heat on the heated resistor will be carried away, causing the resistance value to change and the difference in resistance is used as the determining basis for flow rate.
  Advantages are no moving parts, maintenance-free, easy installation, one model is suitable for a variety of pipe diameters, continuous adjustment of switching volume, extremely low pressure loss, tight structure, and LED display of flow trend and switch status.
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