- Industrial Applications -
Environmental Engineering Monitoring
● Domestic sewage
● Rivers and lakes
● Groundwater quality
● Soil test
● Industrial wastewater
● Electroplating wastewater
Process Control and Analysis
● Petrochemical, Chemical applications: Chemical concentration, Chromaticity, Moisture content
● Pharmaceutical products, Food, Beverages
● Electronics, Semiconductor
● Copper foil, Electroplating
Water Quality Monitoring
● Drinking water, Tap water, Process water, Ice water, Boiler feed water, Reverse osmosis, Chemical injection system, Water quality sampling system
System Integration
● Automatic dosing system, Integrated graphic control (PLC, CCTV, HMI, etc.), Comprehensive sampling system
Leak Detection
● Oil film detection, Oil leakage detection, Oil in water, Water in oil, Leakage analysis