LER Cable Float Level Switch

  The cable float level switch comes in injection molded plastic and has the advantages of firm structure, low price, and long service life suitable for long-distance, multi-point liquid level control, submersible water pump or liquid containing granular impurities. It is widely used in water treatment, petrochemical, chemical and other industries, and is considered the world’s most commonly used float switch pump and storage tank automation.
Product Details
  The cable float switch uses a micro switch or a mercury switch as the contact part. When the cable float is raised at a certain angle through the use of weight as the origin point (usually the micro switch has a lifting angle of 28°±2°, and the mercury switch has a lifting angle of 10° ±2°), the switch will give the ON or OFF signal output.
  LER Cable Float Switch is one-piece injection-molded and has the advantages of solid structure, stable and reliable performances, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, easy to install and low price. It is suitable for long-distance multi-point control, submersible water pump, fluctuating liquid or liquid containing impurities. Due to its simplicity, reliability and economical convenience, it is widely used in liquid level control of various large containers, drainage, fire protection, water treatment and other industries.
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