LRT Laser Material Level / Liquid Level Measurement Transmitter

■  It is used in steel mills and steel rolling mills for measuring and process monitoring of material level and liquid level.
■  Vehicle positioning system, positioning system for loading and unloading of processing equipment.
■  Positioning control of cranes and installation equipment, vehicle and ship positioning monitoring system.
■  Distance, position, liquid level, material level, and billet transfer positioning on production line.
■  Building limit measurement, water level measurement of rivers, lakes and seas, etc., and crane XY positioning measurement.
■  Elevator operation measurement.
Product Details
  The new-generation distance measuring and sensing device features powerful functionalities, stable and reliable capabilities, convenient installation and applications, wide application range and other advantages. It is an economical real-time distance monitoring device with excellent performances.
  LRT series laser range sensor has superior test accuracy and high stability to yield high precision, contactless, uninterrupted distance and deformation monitoring. It has very wide applications in tunnel deformation, bridge displacement, building measurement, warehousing logistics, industrial sites and working processes, transportation, ports and other occasions.
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