GT1000-VA Voltammetry Heavy Metal Analyzer

  GT1000-VA Online Heavy Metal Analyzer is specially designed for online analysis of traces of metal ions and ultra-trace level. The use of both mature electrochemical analysis method and ASV method are able to simultaneously analyze several metal ions. It is the combination of an advanced electronic technology to ensure obtaining reliability and repeatability results.
Product Details
Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV) Analysis Method:
  It is based on anodic stripping voltammetry method, anodic stripping chronopotentiometry method, cathodic stripping voltammetry method, adsorptive stripping voltammetry method, potentiometric stripping analysis, and other methods of polarographic theory. Polarography is fast and sensitive, and most chemical elements can be determined by this method.
  ASV analysis is a special form of electrolysis method. It features a small area of working electrode and reference electrode to form an electrolytic cell. The current and voltage curves are determined while performing electrolysis analysis on the sample solution, and qualitative and quantitative analyses can then be determined accordingly.
  ASV analysis has a wide application range in environmental monitoring, and regarded as one of the best analytical methods to detect trace and ultra-trace metals.
  ASV is one of the voltammetric polarographic methods which has high sensitivity and is an important trace analysis method.
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