TB1000 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

  The tipping bucket consists of two symmetrical triangular containers, one side of which is aligned with the water inlet. When the other side of the triangular container is fully filled with water, it will tip towards the water inlet on its side and empty the rainwater simultaneously. The water storage capacities of the containers are 0.2mm or 0.5mm. Each time the tipping bucket tips, it will send an electric pulse. The amount of rainfall can thus be calculated based on the pulse count. As the core part of the instrument - the tipping bucket is in 3D streamlined design, it can empty the water of the tipping buckets more smoothly, and it also has a self-cleaning function to wash away the dust easily.
Product Details
■  The bidirectional tipping flap is able to enhance higher measurement accuracy.
■  The 20°-25° slanting angle of the bucket features good water storage stability and repeatability.
■  The tipping flap is shock absorption to prevent the bucket from rebounding and enhance work reliability.
■  The stainless steel funnel has a diameter of 200mm and a cone angle of <30°.
■  All stainless steel design: Tipping bucket, water guiding funnel, drain funnel, bracket, base, stainless steel filter, etc. are all in stainless steel material.
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