GT300-HTUB High Range Turbidity Analyzer

  It is mainly used to measure the turbidity of raw water, sedimentation tank effluent, and water with high suspended matters, and suitable to use in tap water plant control, drinking water, industrial treated water and other industries.
Product Details
  GT300-HTUB High Range Turbidity Analyzer is an instrument that measures surface turbidity using surface scattering method, with the advantages of continuous monitoring and non-cleaning feature. Turbidity is an important indicator to evaluate water quality. The turbidity of water is caused by suspended matters such as organic and inorganic substances, plankton and other microorganisms. Turbidity is a kind of expression of the optical properties of water samples, which is proportional to light scattering in the sample. Turbidity measurement is generally divided into surface scattering method and internal scattering method of samples. For internal scattering method, the color absorption and particle scattering will attenuate during the transmission of incident light in the sample. Except for sensitivity to color perception, its measurement range is smaller. However, as the continuous GT300-HTUB High Range Turbidity Analyzer adopts the surface scattering method, it has a large measurement range and good linearity.
■  No contact of optical components with the water sample to rule out frequent cleaning of the probe and greatly reduce maintenance costs.
■  It uses LED light source with the advantages of low power consumption, stable light intensity, long light source service life of 100,000 hours, no replacement of light source regularly, and low maintenance work to greatly reduce maintenance costs.
■  It uses laser modulation and phase detection technology to improve system sensitivity and stability. The laser light source has good monochromaticity to eliminate the influence of stray light on measurement, and ensure measurement accuracy.
■  A special defoamer device will eliminate air bubbles in the sample and reduce the effect of air bubbles on measurement.
■  The digital sensor supports Modbus protocol, plug-and-play, strong anti-interference ability, and long cable length of up to several hundred meters.
■  Two units or two types of parameter sensors can be connected at one time, which can automatically detect the type of connected sensors and change the measurement parameters.
■  Optional DC power supply for solar power and other operating conditions are available.
■  Historical data is displayed graphically, and time can be switched freely to display in minute, hour and day.
■  8G memory card to save historical data.
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