RS1000-D-UV Dual Wavelength UV Absorption COD/TSS Sensor

Drinking water monitoring
 ■  Water quality control

Sewage monitoring and control
 ■  Water monitoring
 ■  Effluent monitoring

Process water monitoring
 ■  Industrial facility process monitoring
 ■  Water treatment control
Product Details
  RS1000-D-UV Dual Wavelength UV Absorption Sensor is a COD sensor designed to measure dissolved organic matters in water (drinking water / groundwater / sewage). RS1000-D-UV is available in a variety of optical paths to meet a wide range of measurements with different parameters. It features a sapphire optical window with a special anti-adhesion coating to allow the instrument to be basically maintenance-free if combined with an auto cleaning device or a cleaning wiper.
■  Dual wavelength 254nm、550nm
■  Direct on-line measurement without sampling and pre-treatment filtering
■  Real-time measurement, rapid response
■  Turbidity compensation to ensure accurate measurement
■  LED light
■  0.5mm、1mm、2mm、5mm、20mm、35mm optical path optional
■  Corresponding parameter data storage
■  Compact sensor
■  Anti-corrosion 316L stainless steel housing
■  Fully integrated compressed air spray, optional wiper-type auto cleaning, basic maintenance-free

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