GT800-FIT Auto Filter Cleaning Device

  The Online Auto Filter Cleaning Device is used together with GT800 Series Water Quality Analyzer. It can be controlled to perform external sampling pump operation, filtration time, sample dilution, cleaning cycle, etc. whenever the controller in the PLC is activated by the analyzer.
Product Details
Working Principle:
  When the GT1000 Series Water Quality Analyzer is started up to perform the analysis, the instrument’s operation relay will send a signal to the transmitter of the filtering device and it will begin to filter and dilute the sample according to the program set by the transmitter. While timing during the operation, PLC is used to activate the operation of external sampling pump, air compressor, peristaltic pump, dilution valve and auto cleaning solenoid valve, and will automatically complete the sampling according to the time of program editing.
■  Continuous or intermittent filtration for all GT800 Series Water Quality Analyzers.
■  The filtering unit is controlled by a built-in transmitter.
■  Filter sufficient water for the operation of analyzer.
■  After the filtration, the sample will not contain solid particles and suspended mattes.
■  Dilution factor of the sample can be set arbitrarily.
■  Compressed air backwashing filtration system is used for high cleaning efficiency and reduce maintenance
■  Sample is transferred through a peristaltic pump to enhance flow stability.
■  SUS304 stainless steel housing to ensure harsh environments.
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