SMS-50 Soil Moisture (Temperature) Sensor

  SMS-50 Soil Moisture (Temperature) Sensor adopts the FDR measurement principle. It can directly and stably reflect the true moisture content of various soils by measuring the dielectric constant of the soil, and also measure the volume percentage of soil moisture. It is a method of measuring soil moisture based on the current international standards. Equipped with a temperature transmitter inside the unit, it can directly measure the soil temperature value and widely used in soil monitoring, scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse sheds, farm pastures, plant cultivation, refined agriculture and other industries.
Product Details
■  Reverse power protection.
■  High measurement accuracy, fast response, good interchangeability.
■  Good sealing and corrosion resistance properties, can be buried in the soil for a long time.
■  Reliable performance, less affected by soil salinity, suitable for all kinds of soil.
■  Cured with flame retardant epoxy resin, IP68 grade waterproof quality, can withstand strong external impact.
■  High-quality SUS316L stainless steel needle to withstand long-term electrolysis, acid and alkali corrosion in soil.
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