GT500-OIL Microcomputer Oil-in-Water Transmitter

■  River water quality monitoring
■  Early monitoring and early warning of condensate oil leaks
■  Drinking water source monitoring and early warning
■  Groundwater oil penetration monitoring and early warning
■  Petrochemical process control and drainage monitoring
Product Details
  GT500-OIL Oil-in-Water Transmitter is a high-precision miniature immersion meter. During operation, the instrument will emit UV light of a specific wavelength. After absorbing the energy of UV light, the petroleum substances in the water sample will change from a low energy state to a high energy state, and when the high energy state is resumed to a low energy state, it will emit fluorescence light to known as a stimulated emission phenomenon. The wavelength of the fluorescent light emitted by stimulated emission will depend on the wavelength of the incident UV light and the molecular structure of the stimulated emission. The concentration of the petroleum substances in water is then calculated based on the intensity of fluorescent light in a certain wave band. The detection limit of this meter can be as low as 0.1ppb, and the response time can be as fast as 1 second.
■  Rapid analysis, high sensitivity, good stability
■  Patented nano-optical coating
■  Automatic light source compensation function
■  Strong and durable, able to withstand strong side impact
■  Low operating costs, low maintenance operation
■  No reagent is needed, non-pollution, low power consumption
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