RS1000-Multi Multi-Parameter Measurement Selective Ion Electrode

■  Water quality monitoring in sewage treatment process, water quality monitoring at sewage outlet
■  River water and groundwater quality monitoring, aquaculture
■  Remote monitoring and inlet monitoring of drinking water treatment
■  Water quality monitoring in industrial processes
Product Details
■  High stability industrial online ion-selective electrode; DO、NH4-N、NO3-N replaceable diaphragm and electrolyte for extended electrode life.
■  Automatic compensation when affected by interfering ions, multi-parameter compensation algorithms such as pH, temperature, K ion, etc. to ensure measurement accuracy.
■  Digital type sensor, RS485 signal output, strong anti-interference ability, longer transmission distance.
■  Simultaneous measurement of 7 parameters (optional)
Measurement Type:
pH 0~14.00
ORP ±2000 mV
CON/TDS/ Salinity 0~200.00 ms/cm
0 ppt~100.00 ppt
DO 0~20.00 mg/L
Temperature 0~100.0 ℃
Ammonium(NH4-N) 0~1000 mg/L
Nitrate(NO3-N) 0~1000 mg/L

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