RS1000-CBA Water Quality Cyanobacterial Sensor

■ Water quality monitoring
■ Monitoring of rivers and lakes
■ Reservoir management
■ Environmental testing
■ Scientific research and teaching
■ Algae water quality analysis
Product Details
  The Cyanobacterial Sensor is a high-precision micro-immersion sensor that uses the fluorescent detection principle to determine the concentration of cyanobacteria and phycocyanin in water. The phycocyanin is the main auxiliary pigment in cyanobacteria. In freshwater, cyanobacteria are the only microorganisms that produce large amounts of phycocyanin (PC) and derive phycocyanin. Both of these proteins are excited near the 620nm wavelength under the irradiation of high-energy pulsed LEDs. The concentration of cyanobacteria is then calculated by analyzing its fluorescence characteristics.
■ Rapid analysis, high sensitivity, good stability
■ Patented nano-optical coating
■ Automatic light source compensation function
■ Strong and durable, able to withstand strong side impact
■ Low operating costs, low maintenance operation
■ No reagent is needed, non-pollution, low power consumption
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