RS1000-CHA Water Chlorophyll A Sensor

■ Water quality monitoring
■ Monitoring of rivers and lakes
■ Reservoir management
■ Environmental testing
■ Scientific research and teaching
■ Algae water quality analysis
Product Details
  Chlorophyll A Sensor is a high-precision micro-immersion sensor that uses the fluorescent detection principle. The sensor will emit an excitation light of wavelength 460 nm. Chlorophyll A in the water sample will absorb the excitation light and emit fluorescence light of wavelength 685nm. The chlorophyll content in water is then calculated by measuring the fluorescence intensity.
■ Rapid analysis, high sensitivity, good stability
■ Patented nano-optical coating
■ Automatic light source compensation function
■ Strong and durable, able to withstand strong side impact
■ Low operating costs, low maintenance operation
■ No reagent is needed, non-pollution, low power consumption
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