RS1000-TUB/SS/MLSS Turbidimete/Suspended Solids/Sludge Concentration Meter

  The measurement sensor’s interior of sludge concentration/suspended solids concentration sensor has a built-in LED light source installed at 45°, capable of emitting a near-infrared light of 880nm to the sample. After being scattered by the suspended particles in the sample, the scattered light of this light beam will be detected by a detector installed at 90° to the incidence light. The turbidity of the sludge concentration/suspended solids concentration of the sample can be obtained after calculation. When measuring the concentration of the sludge, the scattered light at an angle of 140° to the incident light will be detected by the rear detector, and the sludge concentration value is obtained through calculating the signal intensity before and after the detection by the instrument.
Product Details
■  Easy loading and unloading, and easy operation.
■  No wiper cleaning equipment is needed for the supporting facilities and standard detection window as it features a built-in cleaning device system and auxiliary equipment for maintenance, only monthly calibration and maintenance is needed.
■  Equipped with a quality-approved scratch-proof sapphire glass window to ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the window surface.
■  Free of any interference from colors and gas bubbles and equipped with a built-in auto-cleaning system.
■  The infrared scattering optical monitoring principle design is complied with U.S. EPA and ISO7027 specifications.
■  Able to detect turbidity, concentration of suspended matter (or sludge).
■  Dual-beam infrared and scattered light photometer detection technology.
■  Continuous wiper automatic cleaning function.
■  The LED emits 880nm of near-infrared light with light source compensation.
■  Can be installed in a variety of methods, such as submersible installation, sampling installation, in-pipe installation, etc.
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