RS1000-DO Fluorescent Membrane-free Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  RS1000-DO Fluorescence Membrane-free Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is suitable for measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the industry. The unique fluorescence dissolved oxygen technology is accurate and reliable. It is ideal for online control of oxygen where calibration is needed, low maintenance, and less interference characteristics. The fluorescent membrane-free dissolved oxygen probe can be used independently without having to connect to the controller but give direct outputs of dissolved oxygen value and temperature value via RS485.
Product Details
Working Principle:
  The front-end sensor cover of RS1000-DO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is coated with a layer of fluorescent material. When the blue light emitted by the LED light source is irradiated on the fluorescent material, it will excite the fluorescent material to emit a red light, and the photovoltaic cell will detect the time required for the fluorescent material to emit the red light and return to the ground state. This time is only related to the emission time of blue light and the amount of oxygen. The probe also has an LED light source that emits a red light at the same time when the blue light is emitted to serve as a reference for the blue light emission time. The higher the concentration of oxygen around the sensor, the shorter the time will the fluorescent material emit the red light. Based on this, the dissolved oxygen concentration can then be calculated.
Product Features:
■ No calibration is needed
■ Lifetime of fluorescent caps is up to two years
■ Non-drifting
■ Generally maintenance-free
■ The use of helium fluorescent technology can eliminate the need to replace the diaphragm, eliminate the use of electrolyte solution, and eliminate the use of anodes and cathodes to achieve maintenance-free cleaning.
■ Double beam technology
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