RS1000-PR Composite pH/ORP Electrodes

  The double junction sensor technology uses a composite measuring electrode instead of a conventional two-electrode pH sensor. The measured pH value of the measuring electrode and standard electrode is relative to the third solution background electrode. This technique has been proved to be surpassing and accurate to reduce the contamination of reference electrode connection, effectively eliminate the closed loop, reduce failure time and maintenance time.
Product Details
■  Double junction measurement technology with excellent accuracy and reliability.
■  The use of double junction electrode measuring electrode with built-in signal amplifier, sealed waterproof grade IP68 housing to prevent moisture invasion to electronic components.
■  Transmission distance of up to 1,000 meters.
■  The electrode contact is in ceramic ring-shaped to avoid blockage.
■  Reduce operating and maintenance costs, and equipment shutdown time.
■  Double junction composite electrode with temperature compensation.
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