GT1000-TFe Online Total Iron Analyzer

  GT1000-TFe is a self-developed, fully automatic online analyzer equipped with a microcomputer control system and a high-precision signal processor. Among the advantages are a simple stable return system to effectively reduce signal fluctuations and ensure the accuracy and stability of data, completely isolated electrical parts with the water channel to ensure that the analyzer can be operated steadily for a long time, and applicable to a variety of water quality such as river water, groundwater and industrial wastewater.
Product Details
Analytical principle:
  After the sample is filtered, it is pumped into the reactor to undergo the following procedures: Initial injection of acidic agent, heating the mixed sample to 95°C to dissolve the suspended iron, injecting the buffer solution again to adjust to an appropriate pH value to reduce Fe3+ to Fe2+, and adding of color-developing agent TPTZ to allow iron and color-developing agent to generate a purple compound, and finally, a colorimeter is used to measure the color-changing purple compound at 610nm and the total iron concentration in the sample, and calculate the concentration of total iron based on the calibrated curve.
■  Compact modular design and small installation space of the equipment.
■  Low consumption of reagent, low secondary pollution, only 0.8mL of reagent is needed for single measurement, and the reagent can be replaced after 45 days.
■  The precision metering system is composed of imported multi-channel conjoined valve and high-precision peristaltic pump to give precision single-unit control, low failure rate, low operating cost, etc.
■  The automatic alarm mechanism has such functions as data overloaded alarm, insufficient reagent alarm, automatic diagnosis, and automatic resume operation of the system to restore power supply in the event of power/water interruption.
■  Large data storage space and user-friendly operation interface, large hard disk storage space to allow continuous storing of 100,000 historical data, a large touch screen to enhance easy operation and maintenance.
■  Can be easily operated by non-professional personnel after given with simple training.
■  Controllable water pump operation to allow free sampling time setting of water pump.
■  The equipment has a security management function to perform automatic recording and storing all control operations. The storage method is read-only mode.
■  It has a level 2 operating management authorization system where the system administrator can execute all system operations, but the general operators can only conduct daily routine maintenance and operations.
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