GT1000-COD Online Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer

  GT1000-CODCr equipment uses a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant multi-channel sampling valve to collect water sample and reagent. After precise optical quantification by a piston pump, a quantitative sample of water and reagent is sent to the reaction pool by a digestion valve for heating up to 175°C in a high-temperature digestion process. After the digestion, the CODCr value of test water sample is converted through photoelectric colorimetry. At the same time, the equipment will cool down rapidly. After cooling, the reaction waste fluid is discharged from the multi-channel injection valve module by the digestion valve to complete the entire measurement.
Product Details
Analytical principle:
  It uses the dichromate titration method to determine COD by adding a quantitative amount of potassium dichromate in the water sample and using silver salt as a catalyst under a strong acid condition. After high-temperature digestion, the oxygen-consuming organic and the reducing substance in the water sample will reduce Cr6+ to Cr3+. The reduced volume of Cr6+ is measured through photoelectric colorimetry and the measured value of the sample is compared with the calibration curve measured from the standard sample to obtain the CODCr value in the sample.
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