GT600-NH4/NO3 Microcomputer NH4 /NO3 Transmitter

  The ammonia nitrogen/nitrate nitrogen water quality analyzer is designed specifically for the analysis of the urban water and industrial waste-water, drinking water, river and underground water quality. Using the most recent electro-chemical analysis technology (ISEs), a specific compensation curve can be obtained based on the analysis of the massive in-situ research data and with the automatic compensation functions introduced for multiple parameters including temperature,PH, potassium ion and chloride ion concentration, the ammonia nitrogen/nitrate nitrogen concentration in water can be rapidly and accurately measured, thus realizing continuous measurement and reliable operations for an extended period of time.
Product Details
■  NH4-N and NO3-N content can also be determined through the ammonia nitrogen/nitrate nitrogen measurement. The ammonium ion selective electrodes measure NH4+ or NH4+/-N with high precision and stability and fast response. The potassium, PH and temperature electrodes automatically compensate the temperature, PH value, potassium ion concentration parameters based on the application site during the ammonia nitrogen measurement.
■  Automatic temperature compensation. The two-in-one measurement of ammonia nitrogen/nitrate nitrogen can be realized and the compensated parameters including PH, CL- and temperature etc.can be displayed.
■  Compared with the traditional cabinet type (sampling, decomposition and colorimetry) analyzer, this ISE-based analyzer is very simple to install and its purchase and operational cost is very low because no sampling and feeding of chemicals is needed, it requires minimal maintenance and achieves a long service time. It is very fit for our national situation and the in-situ analysis requirements and it also represents the most recent result in the development of the water quality analyzer sector.
■  One contact output is provided for programming the cleaning and interval time function.
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