GT1000-P Online Buoy Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer

■  Accumulation of basic data in offshore areas
■  Monitoring and giving early warning of seawater quality around the aquaculture farm
■  Monitoring of groundwater, rivers and lakes
■  Harmful algal warning
Product Details
  The GT1000-P series is a kind of online buoy multi-parameter water quality analyzer for measuring nutrients in groundwater, rivers, lakes and seawater. It can measure ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N), phosphate (PO4-P), total phosphate (TP ), nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N), nitrous nitrogen (NO2-N), total nitrogen (TN) and other parameters. One equipment alone is able to automatically measure up to four parameters. It can be secured by a small self-powered buoy to perform recording and storing the measured data directly through the host and fulfill data query and management via a portable control box.
■  Unique light source colorimetry and fluorescent detection.
■  Unique reflux reactor, low consumption of reagent and calibration fluid, less maintenance, and expected reagent replacement cycle of 45 days.
■  The chemical agent is built into the analyzer and no disassembling is required, and the chemical agent can be filled up directly to enhance easy operation.
■  The alert volume of the built-in chemical agent insufficient alarm function can be set by users.
■  Both the chemical agent cartridge and the analyzer have built-in interior leak alarm function.
■  Communication output and data transmission are done through RS232/RS485/MODBUS.
■  The gauges can be remote controlled through a software.
■  The special sea water communication cable with titanium alloy connecters allow underwater plug & play, and the gold-plated electrical connectors are durable and energy-saving.
■  It can be allocated with additional chemical agent cartridges to facilitate the replacement of chemical agent.
■  The maximum 100M water resistant is ideal for in-situ analysis.
■  The equipment can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth (optional) to perform wireless operation of gauges through the software to facilitate on-site maintenance.
■  Low power consumption, low voltage 12VDC power supply, no need to convert to AC power with an inverter, and gold-plated connectors for electrical contacts to reduce impedance.
■  The platform can display the remaining reagent amount in the equipment to favor customers to perform real-time maintenance.
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