GT500-Multi Microcomputer Multi-Parameter Analyzer Transmitter

  A water quality analyzer specifically designed for urban water and industrial waste-water, drinking water, river and underground water quality. Using the most recent electro-chemical analysis technology (ISEs), the same one transmitter can accept various types of parameters selected by users. It can comprise up to 6 sensors of the same type or one single hybrid (multi-channel analyzer) for realizing continuous measurement and reliable operations for an extended period of time.
Product Details
■  The cost at each point is low.
■  Stable, reliable and accurate sensors.
■  Each group is provided with RELAYRU; the contact output can be set with cleaning and intermittent cleaning time functions.
■  Enhance safety protection by a design which requires key combination to enter settings and the calibration mode.
■  Directly connect to digital system with the RS-485 standard interface and MODBUS communication protocol.
■  The host computer can be connected with multiple units of digital detectors, or a digital detector with multiple parameters (maximum 6 parameters). The equipment can also automatically detect the detector types connected and change the measurement parameters (plug & play)
Measurement type:
TOC:0-1,500 ppm COD:0-4,000 ppm BOD:0-150 ppm SAC254:0-1,250 Abs/m NH4-N:0-1,000 ppm
NO3-N:0-1,000 ppm PH:0-14 PH ORP:+/-2,000 mv Conductivity:0-1,000 mS/cm Specific resistance:0-20 MΩ
TDS:0-70 ppt ION:0-1,000 ppm Turbidity:0-100/5,000 NTU SS:0-1,000/20,000 ppm MLSS:0-50/150/300 g/l
DO:0-20 ppm Oil in water:0-1,000 ppm Peracetic acid:0-10,000 ppm Bromine:0-20 ppm Ozone:0-20 ppm
Chlorine dioxide:0-10 ppm Chlorate:0-2 ppm Free chlorine:0-200 ppm Total chlorine:0-20 ppm TEMP:0-100 ℃

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