GT200-TUB/SS/MLSS Microcomputer Turbidity/ Suspended Solids/ MLSS Transmitter

■  Water and waste-water treatment
■  Drinking water and groundwater indicator monitoring
■  Recoverer and scrubber
■  Industrial process
Product Details
■  144X144 Microcomputer Turbidity/ Suspended Solids/ MLSS Transmitter.
■  An outdoor water-proof and dust-proof design is fit for installation on wall surface, plate surface and in round tubes.
■  Designed in the 90-degree-angle optical detection principle and compliant with U.S. EPA and ISO 7027 standards.
■  Free of any interference from colors and gas bubbles and equipped with a built-in auto-cleaning system.
■  5-point auto correction, which can be adjusted to single point correction based on the lab or in-situ analysis conditions.
■  The electrode casing is made of stainless steel materials and durable sapphire scratch-proof lenses are used.
■  A large back-lit display screen with an optical sensor for automatically or manually activating LCD back-light control.
■  Provide contacts to connect electrode auto-cleaning devices and output settings can be programmed.
■  A large LCD screen which indicates the operation status and special symbols.
■  Enhance safety protection by a design which requires a password and key combination to enter settings and the calibration mode.
■  Directly connect to digital system with the RS-485 standard interface and MODBUS communication protocol.
■  Two sets of programmable isolated 0/4-20mA current outputs can be progrommed to correspond to turbidity/ SS/ MLSS settings.
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