GT200-LTUB3 Microcomputer Ultra-low Turbidity Analyzer

■  Turbidimeter is designed for precise measurement of 0.001 NTU turbidity value
■  Tap water outlet turbidity monitoring or pipeline water turbidity monitoring
■  RO membrane filtration water monitoring
■  Deionized water, reverse osmosis water outflow monitoring

  The incident light of GT200-LTUB Low Turbidity Sensor is generated by a tungsten filament light source with an absolute color temperature of between 2200 and 3000 degrees, entering the water sample of sensor as guided by the parallel light emitted from the tungsten filament light source. The light is scattered by suspended particles in the water sample, and the scattered light aligning 90° with the incident light will be received by the silicon battery receiver immersed in the water sample, and the turbidity is then measured by calculating the relationship between the scattered light aligning 90° with the incident light beam.
Product Details
■  No contact of optical components with the water sample to rule out frequent cleaning of the probe and greatly reduce maintenance costs.
■  Simple cleaning and maintenance to reduce a lot of maintenance works and greatly reduce maintenance costs.
■  The detection technology is able to improve system sensitivity and stability, featuring good monochromaticity to eliminate the effect of stray light on measurement and ensure measuring accuracy.
■  A special defoamer device will eliminate air bubbles in the sample and reduce the effect of air bubbles on measurement.
■  Easy and rapid onsite installation of sensor, plug-and-play convenience.
■  A large LCD screen which indicates the operation status and special symbols.
■  An automatic and manual back-light setting function with a back-light sensor.
■  Enhance safety protection by a design which requires a password and key combination to enter settings and the calibration mode.
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